Thursday, 5 May 2011

Water as a cleanser and purifier...

I am a bit of a water spirit myself and I find water in all of it's forms to be healing and cleansing.

When I feel a bit as though the negativity that surrounds me at times, the egos of others and feelings of despondency are overwhelming, I seek a water source.

Sometimes it is just as simple as sitting quietly beside running water and listening to the sound, letting it soothe me. (I especially like the ocean for this (add to that the cleansing properties of the sea breeze). Water sound is relaxing and quickly enables me to employ other strategies to easily remove oppressive or negative energies.

However, if I am in the middle of a class, it is a little difficult to dash off and find a beach to sit on and (especially when one of my teaching posts was located 10 hours from the closest coast line). In these circumstances, I drink water. I always have a glass or drink bottle of water with me, especially in situations that may prove challenging to me. Before I drink, I mentally ask for the water to be imbibed with cleansing and healing properties, for the water to embody all that is pure and positive, and for the water to take negative energies and flush them away. It always works.

Taking a warm bath is also a favourite for times I feel as though I am being overwhelmed. Again, before I get in, I ask that the water contain all the pure and positive elements I require. Aside from the natural healing and soothing properties of warmth on tired muscles and physiological things, at the end of the bath, as the water is running down the plug hole, it takes with it those negative energies and psychological toxicities as well.

The same can be said for a shower. I "imagine" all the negative, painful and dysfunctional thoughts from my ego to wash down the plug hole with the water.

I have two children, one was born in a traditional western manner in a hospital bed and on my back with a room full of strangers. It was so painful I vowed NEVER to go through it again! 12 years later I found myself in a position to have to "do it again." This time though, the birth was a traditional Islander birth and I crouched in luke warm water. When it came time for the final stages, I was stunned because I didn't feel I had hurt enough for it to be over already! The water was so soothing and healing and cleansing that I felt no fear despite my previously less than joyous experience, what's more, I felt very little pain either. If that doesn't highlight the pure and magical properties of water....I don't know that you can be

Water is our life's blood, but more than that, it is a healing and purifying element that is quick, easy and inexpensive to use.

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