Sunday, 26 June 2011

All you have to do is follow your heart...

Finding peace, tranquility and happiness is really only a matter of listening to and knowing your own heart, and then following the advice and signs you are given when you do.

When a person is on their true life path and really wish to fulfil their goals and dreams, the universe conspires to help them do it. All along the way you will be given signs and indicators to help you on the way to achieving the very thing you desire to do, see, achieve etc. It is just a matter of listening and following.

It helps though, to know your heart and know that sometimes your heart will caution you against things or towards things based on your own fear. Your heart is intrinsically linked to the knowledge of the universe, but it is also linked to you. This is no problem and poses no difficulties at all if you spend time with your heart and look closely at the thoughts, feelings and actions that come directly from your heart. You will soon learn the difference between that voice inside of you telling you not to do something because it is reflecting your own conscious fears and apprehensions, and those moments that are true warnings that a course of action is not for your highest good.

When you feel you have lost direction or feeling as though you want to "settle" for the distance travelled so far towards your goal (you can tell these moments because this is when you start to think things like, "I didn't really want that anyway" "It was just a silly dream I had" etc) then all you really have to do is stop and listen.

Stretch your thoughts and your mind out into the surroundings, no matter where you are. Let your feeling enter the rocks, trees, grass, buildings, metals and all things surrounding you. Blend your thoughts into the universe and let the universe guide you. You can't loose. Remember the universe always acts to help people who are on the path to their life's purpose, and aspiring to fulfil their goals and dreams. Be positive in that what you are hearing is true and real information and trust that the path you are directed to follow is the right one for you and will ultimately lead you to where you need to be and in the time you need to be there.

Listen to your heart, it is connected both to the universe and to you. A perfect source of information in leading to the places, people, situations and circumstances that will help you on/with your journey.

With love and light

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