Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The danger of relying on others for your sense of self worth

Friends are sometimes the amulet I use against those really tough times. They are the people I turn to first sometimes in order to help me pick myself up and dust myself off in order to continue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. True and good friends do this for you always, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

The danger comes from relying on the opinion of others and the good feelings and actions of others towards you in order to inform your opinion of yourself. In other words, when the way you see and think about yourself is based on the actions and words of others. Even the best of friends with the most pure intentions have egos and also have lives, thoughts and worries of their own you may not be privy to. They have the ability to hurt you the most because they love you and you them. So in a moment where they have not perceived your need or have made a throw away comment or joke, they can hurt you if your self worth is based solely on their words.

I feel like I am being a bit confusing. Let me clarify a little bit.

The only opinion of you, and how worthy you are, as well as what you have to offer, is your own. Yes, this is generally reinforced by your friends and loved ones, after all, the fact that they have seen these attributes in you are the reason they are attracted to you.

When you have moments of doubt, self pity or anxiety, in the end, it is your own view of your worth and your divine beauty that will carry your through the tough spot and out the other side.

It is your love for yourself, and forgiveness for your mistakes that is the real inspiration to continue being you and growing and giving. It is easy though, to get caught out, so to speak, and fell a bit disgruntled and lessened when someone voices an opinion of you that is less that favourable, especially when that person is someone you love. Remember in those moments that the only 'real' things are things that come from a pure and loving place, anything else is ego. Forgive yourself, forgive them and move on. Look into yourself for the real truth about who you are and what you're worth and see the beauty, strength and divine being that you are.

If, in the moment of pain, this doesn't seem to be true or possible for you, then ask your divine team to give their opinion. They know the truth and will soon highlight for you that the real you is amazing, beautiful, talented and has a great deal to offer the world and the people around you. Angels don't lie, so you can believe this as fact and gather their love around you for the strength to move forward.

With love and light


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