Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It is natural and logical that we sometimes worry about things. Especially things in our lives that we have no control over. Chemically speaking, it is the way we are given signals that there is something of concern, something that may cause us harm or those of our loved ones.
However, worrying about everything cannot possibly work to fix the problem or come up with a solution either. All it does is signify to us that there is something not quite right about a situation.

Worry, like stress causes some interesting reactions within us. It can either shut us down to the point where a problem becomes really big, or, alternatively, it can tune us in to being able to flee from potentially harmful situations. Chemically though, when we worry, we are effectively getting ready for flight and are shut down to other alternatives or even to the "reality" of any given situation.

Worry acts as a warning only.

As soon as I feel myself start to worry or stress over a situation, I immediately ask my divine team to take the worry from me. I ask for a solution to the situation or the strength to see it through (whichever is necessary). Instead of spending my time and energy worrying over a problem, situation or circumstance, I pray. Simple as that. It doesn't always alleviate all of my fears or even make the situation go away. What it does do, is clear my head, make me feel calm and in control of myself (the only thing we really can have any control over) and remember to stop and breathe before making a response or taking action.

Spending time in worry, is time you could be more effectively used in asking for assistance and viewing the situation through angelic eyes. Quite frankly, given the choice (which by the way we are) I would much rather spend my precious moments here on earth as free of worry as possible, which in turn makes me free to make calm and considered choices about my actions and responses.

Prayer for calm and freedom for worry:

Divine ones,
take the worry from my shoulders and lift the burden of fear.
Please cut the cords to any situation or being that no longer
suits me or helps me fulfil my life's purpose.
Help me to breathe deeply, remember I am loved and protected
as well as guided by divine will.

I repeat this prayer as often as I need to, usually as I sit quietly by myself and focus on the act of breathing in and out. The prayer doesn't matter, the asking is all that has to happen for immediate comfort and release from an emotion that is generally meant as a biological "heads up" anyway.

Make a choice to take a proactive stance. Choose to pray rather than worry and see the difference it makes to your state of being.

With love and light


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