Thursday, 16 June 2011

Visualisation and manifesting your dreams

I have talked before about the power of positive thinking (see an earlier post) but it always bears mentioning There are so many techniques to get you started.

One of my favourite manifestation activities is to garden. I know this might sound a little corny, but hey, it works for me.

I do a lot of gardening whether it is plants for food, for medicinal purposes or for looking at. As each seed goes into the soil, I "plant" a dream or goal with it. I ask the earth to provide love and nourishment, the air to provided essential elements and the sun to provide warmth and comfort to the seed as it begins its journey. All of these things are also provided for my goal. As the seeds begin to sprout, I can see the beginnings of positive energy and fulfilment of all the things I desire. As the plant grows and flourishes, so too does the positivity surrounding the things I asked for when the seeds planted whether they be health and happiness for my loved ones, healing energy for the world, some new Derwent Whatever it is I desired most at the time of planting, I focus my energy and thoughts on these things as the plants grow and thrive.

In this way, I am consciously focusing on the things I desire. plants need a lot of tending to, especially when they are young. As I weed around the little seedlings I imagine I am removing negative influences and perceived problems. As I water and feed my plants, I am breathing life and positive energy into those things I desire. Every day I spend a few moments at least in my garden, no matter how busy I am, which means every day, i spend time focusing on the things I desire and a positive outcome for situations and people around me. I heard a saying once that the difference between the habits of a millionaire and a billionaire, is that a millionaire reads their list of goals and dreams once a day, and a billionaire reads theirs twice.

The point being then, that success in all aspects of your life (not just financial) can be greatly affected by your conscious thought and focus on the outcomes you want. Don't underestimate the power of manifestation and positive thinking. It most certainly works for me.

With love, light and a manifestation for a beautiful and bright future


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