Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fear and bitterness

If you have read the last couple of posts from me, you will notice they have really been about the same thing. That is the firm fact that you are in charge of the things that happen in your life and all of your responses to them.

This topic relates as well. The two feelings of fear and bitterness are the main reasons why people are not living the lives they deserve or are worthy of.

Fear is one of those emotions that is produced in the body biologically for protection. That goose-bumpy, "something is not quite right" feeling, is inbuilt in our systems in order to protect us from physical harm. This is a great use of this feeling. However, there are other types of fear feelings that are actually counter productive to living your perfect life. The fear of trying something new, stepping out of your routine and taking a risk. The fear of being seen as different, the fear of doing something no one else would dream of, and a BIG one, the fear of failing. None of these fear feelings are real! They are constructs of your own mind built up due to past experiences or situations. They are not real and in a very real way, you can base any dissatisfaction with your current position on these unreal fear feelings. An affirmation I heard a long time ago that I still repeat to myself and try to live by is...

"Imagine what you would do if you knew you could never fail"

Not only do I imagine, I live as though this is true. I enter situations with the feeling that I cannot fail, that even if things do not turn out as I expected or anticipated, I will not have failed. You would be relieved at how repeating this statement (or one like it that suits you) to yourself on a daily basis can release you from a lot of fear feelings and leave you free to follow your heart.

Bitterness is really closely related to fear. When people become afraid to try something and fearful of the outcome if they did try, it can lead to feelings of bitterness. Feelings that sound like, "They have all the luck", "I'm unlucky, always have been," "nothing ever goes right for me", "Only rich people get to do that," "I'll never get to go/do that" and other such statements. You may not think you are being/feeling bitterness when you say these things, in fact, this is such a sneaky feeling, it may come out as a simple statement of truth to you or as "looking realistically" at a situation. Bitterness is a sneaky and insidious poison that can most definitely prevent you from achieving your goals and have you living a life that is less than you are worthy of.

The great thing about this is, you are completely in control of your responses to fear and bitterness feelings. It may take some practice to recognise these feelings when they sneak up on you, and even more practice to banish these feelings into the ether where they belong. Remember, these feelings are not real, and like all constructs, are well within your power to remove from your life completely. How wonderful it is to live a life based on love rather than bitterness or fear.

With love and light


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