Friday, 10 June 2011

Purging unwanted energy

For two days now I have wandered aimlessly around the house and surrounds with no clear direction nor any desire to do anything much. I didn't want to write, knit, bake or really even draw or read (my favourite pass times all). I didn't know what was happening to my energy levels, though I wasn't worried. I just thought perhaps this was a time for reflection and meditation rather than a time for sharing. When I woke this morning though, I knew that something had to be done. 

I performed all of my normal morning duties of feeding and dressing the three year old, taking him off to day care and then started on a tidy up of the kitchen while the kettle was on the boil for a cup of tea. I have only just now, at 12.30pm, sat down for the cup of tea I started to make at 8.00am. So, what happened?

As I started to put away the dishes, tidy the benches and other tidy up tasks, I felt this overwhelming urge to continue. I went through the cupboards, cleaned in and out of everything, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed, polished, threw things out, organised and dusted. As I worked steadily from one end of the house to the other, I felt my energy lifting, my chest easing as I took big, deep breaths and a swirling of good feeling.

After finishing this work on y physical space, I then sat down outside in my garden with paper and pen and wrote out all the thoughts I needed to be rid of and that no longer serve my purpose as a healthy, energetic and giving person. Then I burned those pieces of paper along with some white sage.

Having taken care of this, I had a nice hot shower to rid myself of the usual dust, debris and spiderwebs usually gained when such a thorough clean takes place.

Now I sit, four and a half hours later, in front of my computer totally revitalised, energised and clear of thought.

So, what happened?

Clutter has its own resonance. Basically speaking, every object in the universe is made up of tiny vibrating particles, each object resonates with the vibration. Each person has their own tolerance level for these resonances or a harmony is perhaps a better term for it. You resonate strongly in your home environment usually because it is you and your instinct that have selected the layout and placement of objects in that space. You have put them in places that resonate in harmony with you. I am sure though, that you have been in other places or spaces that you feel uncomfortable in or dislike for no apparent reason? I know I have. These places don't have the same harmony, that's one of the reasons they may feel "yucky" even though they are quite artfully and beautifully set out.

For me, if I am in a space that is out of sync with me and my resonance, I begin to feel uncomfortable. This feeling builds up over time until I start to loose focus or the desire to move forward, especially if this is my own space. Quite a number of years ago, a friend introduced me to the art of purging. A throwing out of physical things that I no longer have a use for (throwing out can mean recycling, giving to others or donating the items, or even selling them), through the act of ridding my physical space of all the accumulated "clutter" I was spiritually purging as well. Especially things like old school books, photos and other personal paraphernalia that I tend to hoard for no particular reason. While the hard physical labour technically should leave me feeling tired, I am always uplifted and energised.

Today, I bought my physical space back into harmony with myself, purged the space of debris and clutter, then moved on to clearing my spiritual self and my physical self (through the healing properties of the water).

This process is very healing and a great way to move forward if you feel stuck or despondent. It can give you direction and a task to do, where you might otherwise do nothing. Invariably, whether you mean to or not, you will get rid of all the spiritual and emotional clutter alongside the physical "stuff".

Clear away unwanted and negative energies! It takes no special training, no specialised equipment, just start one space/room at a time and notice the difference in the "feel" of the space around you.

With love and light

P.S. If you are in a space that does not feel right to you or is not in harmony with you, such as your work place, take a plant with you. A plant on your desk, a few leaves in your pocket, some green of any description and you will immediately feel the difference. 

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