Saturday, 9 July 2011

Choices and regrets

I have spoken often about the concept that the lives we lead and our consequent happiness are our own choice and simply a matter of choosing the path that follows your dreams. We are however, blessed with free will and with that comes the right to choose any path, even if it is one that will lead away from happiness. We have all made those particular choices. I know I have certainly made a number of choices with my life journey that have led to heart ache, pain and difficulty because they weren't in line with the contract I made.

When this happens, we also have a choice in response; we can regret a choice, lay blame and try to continue down the path we chose to tread even knowing it is not where we are being led. Alternatively, we can look at the situation we have chosen to be in, take stock, and without blame, guilt or recrimination choose to change directions.

Nothing makes me sadder than witnessing people who choose to lay blame (on either themselves or others) and assign guilt to a choice and accept that "this is their lot" when the alternative is so much better and even easier.

Another perspective that I adhere to as well is that there really is no choice I make, after consciously deciding to follow my heart, that can be the wrong choice. The universe will conspire with me to help me make the journey of my life beautiful and difficulty free because I have made the choice to pursue my life's purpose and follow my heart. Therefore, even if I cannot see the immediate benefits, I know that the choices I make are the ones that lead me to greater understanding and happiness.

This is a powerful gift that I choose for myself. Think about the times you have done something, or made a choice that has led to an uncomfortable or painful situation. Think back to how it made you feel or how others made you feel because of this choice. Now imagine for a moment how different the situation would have been had you (and those around you) forgiven any mistake and instead of blame or guilt you simply chose to change the direction you were heading and make a different choice.

Guilt, blame, recrimination...all of these are wasted emotion and use of your energy whether directed at yourself or someone else. Why not choose to just change directions and forgive instead? This is a much better use of your energy. It is NEVER too late to choose a path that suits you better and leads to true and divine happiness. At any stage of life or development in your journey, there is a divine team and the power of the entire universe who await to help you live your dreams and find peace and happiness. It only takes the choice for it to be so, listening to the divine messages and the story your heart tells you. Release fear, guilt, blame and recrimination and CHOOSE joy, love and positivity instead. It is within us all.

With love and light

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