Sunday, 10 July 2011

Put it in writing

I am often reminded of the power that words have, especially the written word. This is natural enough, since words are the medium I use daily to pass on the messages that I receive to others and to create the children's stories from the images inside my head to the printed page. However, just because I am an author does not mean that I am the only one (or this profession is the only one) who has the power to use the written word to best advantage.

One of the first things I learned on my spiritual, emotional development journey was to write things down. I use automatic writing (writing without thinking of the words; just putting them down as they come to mind) to purge unwanted thoughts and words from my mind. This is a really powerful tool. But also, and somewhat more importantly at times, to manifest into reality the things I desired more of in my life.

I started with a 5 year plan. This was meant to be mainly a financial and material plan of where I wanted to be in a few years in order to organise what I was doing. I wrote down that I wanted to be debt free, on the way to saving for a home of my own, be able to pay bills immediately as they came in (not juggle for who/what was going to be paid first and cutting it as close to the deadline as possible, sometimes over) to own my own car and have the means to purchase all those things I perpetually put off for higher priorities. In short, to be financially sure of myself. Within two years, ALL of these things became reality! I am not exaggerating for the purpose of convincing you, within 2 very short years, all of the things on my "wish list" were a reality. That is not to say I wrote the list then put it away and forgot about it. I had to put plans and actions into place in order to start the ball rolling, so to speak. But, as I said, within a very short period of time, these things were a part of my reality.

Emboldened by this success (which i didn't realise was such a resounding success at the time) I decided to write another list. This time, instead of only including financial and material goals on the list, I also included emotional, social and spiritual goals as well. Some of the things I wrote included, a greater understanding of my spiritual self, the characteristics I wanted in the "perfect" partner to share my life, the career path I desired and the skills I wished to learn within the 5 year time span. Do you know, within 18 months, all of these things were again a part of my reality. I met the man of my dreams (whom I am still devoted to and "happily ever after" with), I moved to a place that I could further my career, and I began what is the most momentous (so far) stage of my spiritual journey collecting skills and abilities as though they were fallen leaves.

Have you noticed the pattern yet? Basically, each time I made/make these lists, despite the fact that I put a time line of 5 years on them, the desires listed have come into existence much quicker than 5 years, and quicker each time. So, I imagine you can guess what came next??? Well, I wrote myself another list included a LOT more detail and all of the facets of my life from teaching, being a healer and spiritual writer, a mother and partner; you name it, if it was a part of my life (or I desired it to be so) then I wrote the goals, dreams and aspirations about this on my list. While I cannot recount for you yet exactly how long to fulfill this list (since it was only 12 months ago) I can assure you the prognosis is looking good. Already, over half of the things on my list have been accomplished!!!! Woohoo, yay for me.

This can be your story so easily!

A few notes on making the list...
It is not enough to write the list and then put it away in your sock draw with a prayer, hoping for the best. (Sorry folks, a little more work is required). You would benefit greatly from putting your list in a prominent place so that every day you can look at the items you wrote and be reminded that these are the things you have made a priority in your life. The more detail you can include, the quicker your list can manifest into reality. A great way to reinforce your list is by using pictures. Start chopping pictures from magazines, printing them off the Internet, drawing them yourself. These images will act as visual reinforcement for your mind and help to focus your intention on the intended goal. The last and most important aspect, is to be open to opportunity. I have spoken a lot about how the universe will act to help you in your intentions if you remain focused on the things, situations and opportunities you desire. This universal help will come in the form of signs, opportunities and openings that you actually have to take the first step towards. Writing your list merely opens your mind to seeing these opportunities and focusing your intentions, it really is up to you to decide to take those opportunities. (And why wouldn't you???)

So what are you waiting for? Log off your computer now (or open a word processing document) and start your list!

With love and light

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