Friday, 8 July 2011

Secrets in plain sight...

It seems at the moment, that the main message/s I am being asked to pass on to you are all about following your dreams! This is really exciting. I am urged every day to encourage all of the people I have contact with to truly listen to the messages of their heart and to follow their life's purpose. In so doing, we are all contributing to the healing of the world as well as living the divine, joyful and happy existence we were all signed up for.

I am reminded again today about the signs and signals each of us gets in order to keep us on the path to our dreams.  It works like this, when someone/anyone makes a conscious choice to follow their dreams and do the things they love in order to LIVE rather than survive, the universe acts to help them. This is immediate, no waiting required...phew! Instantly you feel uplifted and energised, a sure sign you are doing what you contracted for, and an immense feeling of wonder and invulnerability overcomes your senses. An instant energy hit to show you this is where you are going.

As you start to make plans and take action on living your dreams, you will  get signs and indicators that are specific to you. It is simply a matter of paying attention. Your heart is a part of you and therefore is subject to your ego. If you take the time to know your heart and to know when you react from fear of the unknown rather than receiving a genuine message, then it is easy to distinguish the genuine divine signs. One true test of a signs validity is if the message is positive. Only love and positive energy are divine, everything else is not real and comes from ego. If the sign/message positively encourages you to take an action or visit somewhere, speak to a particular person, then it is a sure indicator that this is a divine message not an ego message.

You will also feel that uplifted and energised feeling when following through on a message/sign you are being given. Yahoo! You're on your way and the going gets easier and easier the more you choose to listen.

Signs are not one specific thing, in fact a sign can be anything. A song lyric on the radio (my divine team use this method often to remind me they are there, looking after me) it could be the repetition of a word or phrase you may hear over and over again through different media, it could be a colour or smell that reminds you of something or seeing a person you recognise. Often in our dreams is the the time when we are the most receptive to hearing the messages and information we are being given. So pay attention to the signs you get through your dreams, they are often the next step you need to take or the information you might need to act on.

When you learn to see and listen to the signs you are being given, and you learn to trust and follow the information, everything becomes so much easier. Things all of a sudden start to happen in the manner that suits you and your purpose in the best possible way. That feeling of elation stays with you for longer and longer periods of time and the world opens up to you in a new and wonderful way.

If at any stage in your own journey you feel as though things are not working for you...ask for a sign.

With love and light


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