Thursday, 7 July 2011

Living your dream...

I have just spent some delightful time away in visiting some friends and family that live in another part of the country. I spent a lot of time talking to people who I haven't seen in quite some time (a few years) and I found, to my saddness, that a few of them have succumbed to sustainability rather than true living.

It saddened me because I remember in our youth that I was always the "serious and practical" one, and  their loving joyful exuberance kept me from becomming too melancholy until I learned how to play, and the amazing "secrets" to living my dream. Now though, no matter how much I attempted to remind them of the lessons I learnt from them of living life to its fullest extent, nothing would shift their position.

You are too important, and your purpose is too important to the global community to just settle for what you can get, so to speak.

You can do no greater service to the world and the universal energy than living the life you contracted for, by being joyful in your daily activities and loving the small moments as well as the momentous ones.

This is so easily achieved. Listening to what your heart tells you and following the signs you are inevitably given when you learn to interpret ego from divine message is all it takes to create the life you want for yourself and for others in your circle of influence.

My mother used to often make statements to me like, "These are the cards you have been dealt, so just accept them and deal with it." While there is some sense of truth to her words, I don't agree that we need to just settle for anything less than our full dream potential. As spiritual beings, we are limitless in our potential to manifest perfect situations and circumstances to achieve our hearts desires and to gain true understanding around the path we have chosen for ourselves.

So my post today is really a bit of a plea to you and a prayer for those who have seemingly settled. Open your heart to hearing the messages you are being sent to help you and embrace your dreams. You are blessed, beautiful and perfect and it is your right and your gift to create the dreams you have. Be true to the purpose you contracted for and follow your path to divine joy and happiness.

With love and light

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