Thursday, 1 September 2011

Face what you fear with love in your heart

The good thing about being afraid is that the feeling can tell you a little more about yourself (I'm talking of course about your own fears, not those that might be placed on you by others...that's a whole other story). The things, situations, people, places etc that you fear are all related to you, obviously, and there is a reason you fear them. Whether your fear is justified or not, has a basis in your experiences or is a product of your thinking about what could happen, it's all the same.

Putting aside fear is a liberating and joyous experience, transforming it into useful and encouraging energy is nothing short of miraculous!

When you look at a fear you may have, analyse it, learn from it and own it (that is to agree that it is yours and comes from you) then you are a part of the way there. It is a matter then of loving this fear or thing that is feared. Open your heart as wide as you can, feel nothing other than love energy pool in your heart and body and then look at the fear again.

When you give emotion, thought and feelings to a given situation you empower it and it will feed back to you whatever you have put into it. If a situation makes you afraid (like public speaking, changing jobs, moving house etc) then each time you think of the situation and your stomach starts to knot and feel yucky (a typical fear response) fill yourself up to the top with rosy gold glowing light and gently push this light towards the situation. Feel the rosy gold glow relax your muscles and embrace the situation asking that the fear be changed to love.

If it is a person, visualise their image in your mind and surround them with the same rosy gold glow that you fill yourself with. A person that makes you afraid may do so for a reason, you don't have to be near them, you don't have to have contact with them, but you also don't have to feed their actions with your fear.

If your fear is what I term the "what if?" fear, that is you are afraid of what might happen if you take a certain action, make a certain decision etc, then this one is nice and easy to transfer fear to love. Ask yourself, "What is the absolute worst thing that can happen?" Force your mind to reveal it's biggest fear related to this situation. Visualise your mind wrapping around this "what if?" with the rosy gold glow. The glow wraps tightly around the 'what if?' and squeezes, getting tighter and tighter around the 'what if?' until all that remains is a glow of the ball of love energy. Reabsorb this ball back into your body.

Fear is strong enough to prevent you doing the things you want/need to do, however, LOVE energy is so much stronger and can generate a change in fear energy and make it powerless. Our divine team are experts in this process of transformation, you could almost say it's their 'bread and butter.' If this process does not feel as though it is working for you, or doesn't feel quite right for you, then ask your team. They can take the fears from you and make the change for you.

Think of a life that is not controlled by fear...then reach out and take it by transforming all of that fear energy to love energy. Face your fears with nothing but love in your heart and free yourself from fear forever.

With love and light

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