Friday, 2 September 2011


I use the term ego a lot and at some point earlier on I also described ego to a certain extent, however, I feel it is worth commenting on again.

When I use the term ego I am not referring to the healthy love and respect everyone should cultivate and develop for themselves. This is essential to living in a place of love, after all, love of self is where it all begins. When I refer to actions made from ego, I am talking about the part of each of us that responds in a very human way to the world around us instead of connecting to the divine within us.

The ego is the part that whispers negativity in our ears on occasion, or makes us view the actions of another as suspect when they are only being authentic. The ego is the little gremlin in all of us that acts to sabotage our pure and divine intent and make us wander a little away from the path.

The ego is/can be quite sneaky and hides itself as "common sense" or taking a "reality" check. Ego also resides in others and comes out in the same way. When we make judgements about others, take actions that are purely self motivated (as opposed to self healing), when we use words that are negative or hurtful, these are moments of ego where our humanness over rides our inner divinity.

Ego is where self doubt comes from, where judgement comes from, where hatred, despair and all those other negative aspects come from.

Of course, like everything else I speak about, this is a part of us and who we are. Forgiveness and love is the key to preventing us LIVING in our egos. When you make a choice to set aside and refuse to listen to the ego gremlin *smile* you make the choice to act in love. This choice doesn't mean that you will never have moments where you judge someone else's actions, or that you will never doubt yourself and others and have moments where everything seems to hard to bear (all of these are ego moments), what it does mean is that in the moment, when your ego sneaks up on you, you will recognise it for what it is and refuse to acknowledge whatever thoughts your ego inspires at the time. It also means that you can forgive yourself and others for these actions.

Perfection lies in knowing you have done everything to live, breathe and act from love. That you take action to help others where appropriate, that you look after yourself and your needs and that you make choices that lead you along the path to your life's purpose. MOST importantly, perfection lies in knowing the truth about yourself and forgiving yourself the mistakes and moments of ego that emerge from time to time.

Set your ego aside, know it for what it is, and open your heart in welcome.

With love and light

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