Saturday, 3 September 2011

Clearing away gremlins

Have you ever  felt unjustifiably cranky and irritable in your home, office etc. A moment in time (or several moments) when it seems you can't keep a grip on civility and have no idea why? When you are uncomfortable in your own space even though everything is the way you like it? For no particular reason you just feel like crying or smashing things? I call these gremlin moments. To put it in another way; energy collects in certain points and hides there in a way and since we all have moments of negativity and pessimism and frustration occasionally, these energies have a way of pooling in some spots.

These little gremlin spaces can be cleared out quite easily. I have great success with the three following methods (if one doesn't work, one of the others surely will):

White sage: burning white sage incense or a smudge stick can be really useful. I think I have mentioned before that a part of my morning ritual, before I do anything else, is to light a couple of sticks of white sage incense at strategic points in the house. I then go outside into the garden and let the sage do its work. (This one is not so effective in a work place where others might object to the burning of incense. It is important to be sensitive to the needs of others as well).

Genetian: In ancient times genetian was thought of as a curse breaker  *smile* I ties up some genetian in a cheese cloth bag with dried orange rind and then chuck it on a brazier letting the smoke waft in and through everything. Again though, not so good for an environment that isn't your own home.

Peppermint: This one is fantastic for use everywhere!! There are a couple of methods here. The one I prefer is to brew a really strong tea with peppermint leaves (I also add some lavender occasionally or chamomile petals), strain the tea, let it cool and put it into a spray bottle. Walk around the pace spraying to your hearts content (not someone else's work space though *smile*). You can leave a small bowl of this on your desk, drink a cup or two, anything you like. Another variation of this is to use water, lime oil and lemongrass oil.

You can feel the effects immediately as these processes lift the general energy and feeling of a space and dissipate any areas of collected energy.

With love and light

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