Sunday, 4 September 2011

Physical self and spiritual self

There are a few parts that make us up as humans and all of these parts are linked together and act together. The spiritual self and the physical self are intrinsically joined so that when one is affected, so will the other be.

The times when I have felt vulnerable and spiritually wounded are also the times when I have been less resilient physically.

Lately, there are flu viruses, stomach bugs and all manner of other minor illnesses that seem to be permeating the town I live in. For months now, everyone seems to be sick to some extent and this cycle just keeps going and going. While my partner and three year old have succumbed periodically to these illnesses, and I have tended them as need be, I have not once "caught" one of these bugs nor been ill in any way. At the moment I am spiritually strong, meaning that I am at peace with myself, love myself and confidently stride forward on my life path knowing that I am guided, loved and protected by my divine team. I am invulnerable spiritually and my body is strong (a good measure of my daily instructions involve food and exercise in appropriate quantities in order to care for my physical self).

Due to this confidence and trust in my team as well as myself my physical self is also invulnerable and I will not fall "victim" to these viruses and other assorted illnesses.

The relationship/link between the physical and spiritual is two way. I have also noticed that when I have lapsed and allowed my physical self to become injured, my spiritual self is more vulnerable as well and I am more subject to hearing the thoughts from my ego and giving them undue consideration and energy.

When you find yourself ill or injured, act to bolster your spiritual self from within by whatever means suits you and you will find that your physical self recovers far more quickly.

Neglecting any part of yourself will lead to the other parts becoming more vulnerable. Living in a world of love and forgiveness first begins with loving yourself. Take care of your physical and spiritual needs in order to strengthen yourself and be able to travel your life path that much more easily.

With love and light


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