Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Have you EVER made a mistake? Yes? Welcome to the world of divine humanity *smile* Everyone makes mistakes, some monumental, some small and seemingly insignificant, and they are all planned and purposeful in the end. Quite often great things come from supposed mistakes.

I read a quote on someones facebook status (and I regret to be unable to actually quote the source properly) that read, "The greatest mistake you can make is going through life fearing to make one." When I read this quote a whole world of understanding opened up to me about why some people choose not to follow the stirrings of their heart and make decisions that may change their own lives for the better.

I know as a teacher of our precious teenage beings, that humiliation in public from making a mistake is actually a fate far worse than death. In fact, instant obliteration is far more preferable to these vulnerable souls than to have to suffer through the consequences of a social mistake. It is during this time of our lives we develop this irrational fear of being different or making a mistake and being ostracised or punished for it.

If you fear making mistakes and this fear is actually preventing you from following your dreams, changing things or in general, stepping out of your comfort zones, then it is most definitely worth you paying a visit to your teenage self. Little crazy? Not at all.

Find a nice quiet spot to rest in (preferably sitting on the ground or amongst trees somewhere) and cast your mind back to the teenage you. If it helps you visualise, use a photograph of yourself from that time. Have a conversation with the teenage you, talk yourself through a meditation exercise to get rid of fear, ask yourself to let go of the notion that a mistake is a life threatening condition and that to be rejected socially is actually not as bad as it seems. Comfort and forgive yourself for being vulnerable to social and peer pressure (after all, this time is when we also learn valuable lessons about social interaction and who we are...not all the lessons are bad or painful) and repeatedly ask your teenage self to let go of the fear of being different, being singled out, being embarrassed or humiliated. Feel the lines connecting you to these feelings in your teenage self and deliberately cut them away from you both (Archangel Michael is particularly helpful with this part of the exercise) and feel the immense freedom that being released from this fear gives you.

It is fact that you will make mistakes again, we all make them and learn from them and grow with them. The difference now is that the fear of making those mistakes will no longer stop you from trying different things and moving forward. Our divine team truly will intervene to stop us making horrendous mistakes, especially when you take the time to listen to your intuition.

Free yourself from the fear of making mistakes, open this self imposed cage and step boldly into a future where mistakes are part of learning and growing. Mistakes are embraced and forgiven instantly and mistakes are a sign that you have taken chances and lived rather than settling for survival.

With love and light

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