Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Accessing the God or Goddess within you

You know there are moments in time when you feel a little less than yourself, or when your feel down right unattractive or not at your best. Despite the fact that I know I am a beautiful, perfect and loved being, it doesn't stop these moments from occurring.

Now some people may believe that vanity is a form of selfishness or conceit, and if that's your belief, no problem. I on the other hand, believe that I can be whom I want to be (including vain) and still be perfect and loved. Further more, feeling beautiful can be accessed through doing something for your physical self.

Beauty, true beauty actually has nothing to do with your physical self, we all know this for fact. Physical beauty is a trend anyway. To be physically beautiful in Renaissance Italy, you needed to be fairly obese, that was the norm for beautiful then.

If you are having a moment like I described earlier, I do find it helps to treat myself to something that enhances my physical self. I might get "frocked" up and put on make-up for no reason other than that I want to, I might pay to have my hair coloured or straightened (both of which I can do myself, but it is very nice to have someone else do it), I might paint my nails, buy a new dress or piece of jewellery. Maybe I'll just spend an hour brushing my hair (time being the luxury here) or wear high heels for the sake of it. No matter what it is though, I choose something that will access my inner Goddess.

We all have divinity within us, we are all a part of, and of this perfect and divine spirit. By approaching my inner divinity by doing something purely for me and to enhance my physical beauty (in my eyes, not anyone else's) I feel the inner divine. My step springs a little more, my smile is wider and my eyes laughing and mischievous.

The effect then is that because I feel this way, this is what I project. The smallest things have made the hugest difference. Putting on a dress and high heels to go and do the grocery shopping means I am happy and blissful in a chaotic and jumbled space...people notice and return the smile. This enhances the feeling of beauty and serenity making me smile more often, making more people notice and smile back and the circle goes around and around.

Being beautiful is attached in some ways to feeling beautiful. So, if you have a moment where you are feeling less than loving, forgiving or divine and not really yourself, do something that always makes you feel beautiful and watch people notice as your true inner beauty shines forth from your eyes (and yes fellas, I'm talking to you too)

With all the love in my heart in a Goddess moment

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