Thursday, 8 September 2011

I don't want the world to see me

Often I get clear and precise messages through the things I hear, in particular songs. I listen to the first song I hear on the radio when I turn on the car and often am given a message. There are times when I might hear all  10-15 songs of the same theme in a row until I state, "OK, I got it!" then the next song is something completely unrelated. This morning I heard the beautiful song with the lyrics, "No, I don't want the world to see me, for I don't think that they'd understand," and it depicted exactly the way I feel today, and other days too.

As I grew, I realised my perception of the world was really different from those around me. I had a couple of choices; I could change my view to suit the needs and perception of others, I could do what I wanted anyway and fly in the face of all of the people around me, or, I could be me, and authentic and at the same time, learn to hide away when I needed to protect myself and my sensitive little self from the harshness of others perception. Luckily my guides and divine team were with me then because I chose to learn to camouflage and hide "me" (the real one) when I needed to and peek out again when I got the all clear so to speak.

In the time I grew up, my view of the world was considered blasphemy and heresy and vain and all sorts of other things laden with judgement and rules etc. Thankfully, times change and move forward, so the necessity to "hide" is not as strong as it once was. However, if I had not learned this skill (intuitively) I would not be able to sit here and type this blog everyday *smile* 

At times I am hypersensitive to the world around me. At home, I have created my safe haven, a bubble if you will where the energy, the conversation, the layout of the furniture, everything resonates with me and I feel very comfortable and safe. At times, when I walk outside my little bubble I am overwhelmed by the energy and the actions and choices of others. This is not said with any form of judgement. It hurts my heart to see people in pain unnecessarily, it makes me sad to see that some people choose to hurt others rather than to help them and I get a little soul weary at times in bearing witness and knowing it is not my job to "fix" everything, as it were.

When moments like these come upon me, I go into hibernation (a state which can act to infuriate my closest friends because they cannot contact me *smile*). Basically I shut down communication for a little bit. Unplug or ignore the phone, turn off all electronic media, speak to no one if I can help it and effectively hide away from all outside influences for a bit.

These are the times when I recharge my batteries, spend some quality time with myself and my divine team, learn and grow and emerge from my self imposed isolation stronger, calmer and ready to do the things I choose for my life path and my purpose with an open and loving heart.

It is essential to take time every now and again to just stop and be. Without the clutter of the world around you and the constant sound we are immersed in daily, it is really easy to hear the divine messages you receive and to feel the real intuition and know who you are and the choices and paths and opportunities being offered to you. Don't ignore the impulse to shut yourself away from the world for a couple of hours, a day, even a week or two, It is really good for your own growth, reflection and understanding as well as healing and restorative.

With love and light

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