Friday, 9 September 2011

Signs and messages from our divine team

A statement from one of the characters in a novel I was reading jumped off the page at me a couple of days ago and  I wrote it down. I found that page again today and felt it was information I needed to share...

"The world around you is screaming at you all the time (with information), but most people can't seem to hear it." David Eddings.

As I sit here I know this for a sad truth and yet it also seems a little hopeful as well.

Every moment of every day the world around us speaks to us, gives us information about the weather, events, circumstances and situations. In each moment our body and brain are unconsciously interpreting signals that we are given through all of the senses and through this interpretation we view the world and know it. For each of us, this interpretation is different and unique, coloured, as it were, by our own personal experiences and perceptions which help us interpret what we feel.

Everyone may see that it is a warm day with a cloudless blue sky, however my interpretation of this moment is that the world, nature and everything in it is as perfect as this moment, that I am surrounded by love, beauty and positivity despite the fact that I apparently sit alone at my computer and type this post.

I believe quite strongly, that it is knowledge of yourself, your baggage, your priorities and you life path that allows you to actively and consciously seek and find understanding and information from the world around you. After all, the world is "screaming" at us wanting to help nurture and guide us, all we have to do is learn her language and trust that our interpretation is correct and for our good.

With love and light

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