Saturday, 10 September 2011

Know thyself

I think I have hinted around this topic a few times recently, today seemed like a good time to really expand on this concept.

I have heard it often and from many sources that you have to know and love yourself in order to be able to know and love others, but I would like to take this a little bit further. I believe that it is essential for living the life you choose and for really living rather than surviving, to REALLY and DEEPLY know your own heart, desires and all the parts of you.

Often I have spoken about the fact that we make choices, that walking your life path confidently, lovingly and with forgiveness is a choice and I certainly wont renege on that statement now since this is what I choose to do myself. I have often spoken to clients though who don't seem to know and express that they "don't know" what they want or the choices they wish to make and that is why they come to me for guidance. While I will offer them any information i am asked to pass on, this transaction is largely unnecessary if they had taken the time to really KNOW who they are.

A life review is a great way to start this process. Find somewhere quiet where you can be uninterrupted for a while (I'd make it a long while if you can *smile*) and sit quietly. Make a promise to yourself that you will not judge yourself or others as you look through your memories, that you will instantly forgive yourself and others for moments in time that you or they have acted in ego, and ask for a little angelic backup to reinforce this. All of the things you are going to review will be emotive and involved to/for you so make sure your team is there to assist. Start to sift through your experiences as they come to you, I wouldn't worry about trying to direct your thought to particular event r happenings, your mind has already catalogued your priorities. Things that appear as hurtful, embarrassing, painful, humiliating and the like, cut the cords to, ask that those moments be lovingly changed into experiences that happened, yet no longer have the power to make you feel them. Really look at the things you think and feel, "own" the person you are, acknowledge that this is the "you" currently sitting here in this moment. Naturally we all find some things about ourselves we are not greatly fond of (part of being human) and make a choice to change or accept this part of you.

This process is an ongoing one. If you have not taken the time to really know yourself, what motivates you and how you think, feel and react before now, it's not going to happen in one single sitting. You are a beautiful, complex, interesting and divine being, it takes time to really get to know you and unravel all of the little tricks the ego plays as we go through life. Be patient as you learn to know who you are.

As you move along this process (and I do think this is a life long process, it's not a "job" that will be finished at some point in the future) you will find making choices, moving in a strong and purposeful direction just gets easier and easier. You will no longer think you are misinterpreting the signs you are given, you won't have as many "what if?" moments and the entire world of possibilities open at your feet.

So, it's worth the time it takes to get to know you

With love and light

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