Sunday, 11 September 2011

Destiny and predetermination

It seems that my current reading material (despite the fact that my range is rather broad and mostly fiction) seems to be conspiring to give me information to pass on. Interesting isn't it, the way in which we receive messages?

As I was reading this book today, a section of it jumped right out at me and I instantly ear marked the page with a post-it note readily to hand. It read...

"There is such a thing as fate," she told him.
"I suppose there might be."
"There is. Destiny. It's not written in stone however. On a spiritual level, completely unconsciously, we make our destinies for ourselves."
Bewilderment and joy swelled in Tommy, and he felt as though he were a child beginning to unwrap a wonderful gift.
~ Dean Koontz Ticktock, 1996

What a wonderful analogy for this understanding, unwrapping a wonderful gift is the perfect way to describe this learning and growth period. Imagine the life you would lead knowing that you predetermine, with the assistance of your angelic and divine team, the path you will tread and the opportunities you have. The only word I disagree with in my understanding is the word "unconsciously." For the most part humanity does indeed act unconsciously in the determination of their own path, however, this doesn't have to be so.

Remember you signed a contract for this life, you made agreements with yourself and with the divine about the role you were to play and the path you would take. We forget the details of the contract, are influenced by our own egos and those of others, we are subject to free will and all of these things may make our life something which we wish it weren't. There's a loop hole though, there is a is to consciously predetermine the path you will tread, make your own destiny by manifesting opportunities, situations and meetings that suit your divine purpose. Make a choice that allows you to access the contract again and to hear the messages you are being told by your divine team. They haven't forgotten, they remember what you signed up for, and are willing to remind you.

Unwrap your present and feel the magic and the wonder of creating the perfect destiny for yourself.

With love and light

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