Monday, 12 September 2011

The three C's

There are three concepts that i feel are essential in all people's "tool kit" for life. They are the foundation upon which all positivity, love and light energy are forged. This post will in no way be able to comprehensively cover these topics, however, I thought it appropriate to introduce them *smile*

Courtesy is the first of the three C's. Showing courtesy is the easiest and most effective way of showing love for our fellow human beings. Say thank you, please, may I...? and all of those other words that mean you are grateful and humble for the services being offered to you. Help someone who asks for assistance or seems in need of a strangers random act of kindness. Be pleasant even though you may be boiling a little inside, to the person who is rude to you in the street, apologise when you bump someone by accident, say good morning or good afternoon when you meet people or make eye contact with them. Smile genuinely and often and share yourself with others in this non confrontational and pure, authentic way.

Compassion is the second of the three C's. Most cases where people are hurting I believe, could have been avoided but for a little compassion. When you view others with love and compassion then it makes it really hard to make a judgement regarding them (this is a good thing). When you compassionately listen, see, hear and feel the plight of others, your world of opportunity seems abundant. When you can see the actions of others through the eyes of compassion it makes their decisions understandable if still not condonable. When you see everything with compassion in your heart, then forgiveness and freedom soon follow.

Contact is the final c in this trilogy. By contact, I mean communicating and contact with fellow human beings. Reaching out to others on many levels to establish a contact with them whether it is for a fleeting moment or for a life time of friendship. We are not insular beings and I don't believe we were ever meant to be. We are a community of beings who survive, live, love and thrive in each other's company. Don't isolate yourself from others, take the time to communicate either verbally or non verbally that you understand we are all on the same team, that our pure and divine purpose and life path is the same; to love.

So there they are in a nutshell; the whole basis and foundation of my beliefs and actions, the very reason I write these posts and share my thoughts with my fellow humans (whether they are listening or not *smile*), the driving force behind the children's stories I write and my personal mission statement. These are not just words, these are the reason I take any step, draw breath and continue on the path I have chosen to tread.

With love and light

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