Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Transactions that are done

All through our lives we interact with people whether for a few minutes, a few months or years at a time. people come and go in our lives, friends, family acquaintances. Often they are in our lives through mutual contracts and transactions and when the task we undertook together is done, we drift away seamlessly and as though it was "meant to be" (because it was). Occasionally on our path, we meet up with people who we are "destined" to spend a long time with and maybe even the rest of our time on earth.

I do think that people come and go for a reason, and it is perfectly natural to just not make contact any more with people with whom your transactions are complete. This is a part of our journey.

At times though, I have tried to hold on to people and relationships because I feel I "need" to or that it is somehow necessary for me to be friends and companions out of a sense of loyalty. I have also had people try to hold on to me long after our time together is finished.

It really does benefit everyone when we are able to let go in these situations. After all, someone who is going to be there later will be, even if you let them go and spend time away from each other. Sooner or later, they'll pop back into your life as though they never left.

In the mean time though, rather than remaining in situations that may be hurtful or holding on to people because you think you should remain in contact with them or feel obligated to them, it is much better to cut all the cords joining you together and wish them well. Send them on their way with blessings and know that if they are required in your life, or you in theirs that it will happen when the time is perfect and right.

Cutting the cords is as simple as sitting in a nice, quiet, undisturbed place, closing your eyes and asking for all the ties leading from you to them and vice versa, are removed, that healing, love and forgiveness replace those cords and that you are able to move forward in trust and faith.

Holding on to people because you feel you should or have to is really just inviting that kind of energy into your reality.

With nothing other than love in your heart, let go. Gently disentangle others from you and you from them.

With love and light

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