Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sometimes we don't get to decide

Funniest story ever today. I have just returned home after a visit to one of my best friends (and fellow light worker) on the beautiful Thursday Island at the very top of Australia. This is such a beautiful and magical place to recharge the batteries and gain some balance and perspective. I feel energised and ready to forge ahead fearlessly. While I was there though, the funniest events transpired.

I left Friday morning at 6am and in the rush and processes required to get me out the door and on the road at this time of the morning, I forgot to pack my printed itinerary. For some reason I had it in my mind that I was returning home on the following Wednesday morning and that I could print out another itinerary when I arrived at my friend's place. I didn't concern myself with the fact I had forgotten my paper work, I know I am always loved, protected and looked after, so figured this was another opportunity to reinforce my acceptance of this fact and to let go of worry and stress, and this is what I did. In the whirl wind that was my arrival on the Island that afternoon, I completely forgot about the itinerary, and over the next few days, I mentioned several times that I needed to print it out and that i was going home Wednesday morning. Since there is only one fight out each day, it seemed a forgone conclusion as to which flight I was on and there seemed no urgency in reprinting the itinerary although the thought did niggle at me a little bit. I am sure you can guess what happened? *smile* As it turns out, I was due to return home on Tuesday morning, not Wednesday, and consequently missed my flight (which I discovered Tuesday night). Immediately, my ego began inserting statements like, "Stupid mistake, I should have" and the like.

Clamping a lid on such negative and unproductive emotions, I sat quietly for a few moments. I rang the airline company to see if I could salvage anything from the situation and make arrangements for a return trip. The most beautiful Earth angel just so happened to answer my call to the customer centre. She started by laughing at me and making a few jokes about, "Oh, having too much fun on a tropical Island to notice the time were we?" and statements like this. I laughed with her, after all, the situation was a little funny. She moved heaven and earth to gain me return passage at a very busy time of year and did so at a very minimal cost to me. She entertained and amused me with little quips like, "Do you have a pen? Alternatively you could use a stick to write it in the sand of your tropical Island." and "Your flight is on Thursday, that's the day after tomorrow," and such. I laughed and laughed, no more stress or recrimination and just a little awe over her power to put me at ease, alleviate the feeling of silliness and foolishness I felt at forgetting my flight, as well as gaining me return passage.

I enjoyed a further two days with my friend and her family, more opportunity to soak up positive energy and recharge my batteries and more importantly, more time to accomplish some much needed healing in relationship to some of the people I had made contact with.

NEVER before had I done something like this. I am usually so organised and have all the details arranged that something like missing a flight seems definitely like something that happens to other people. I don't like making mistakes (who does) and can be quite critical of myself when I do, that is until I take a moment to forgive myself, and yet this was a fairly large mistake with consequences reaching out to others, and I could find it funny. Healing took place for others where I may not have had time to complete the work fully before and a lot of other amazing things.

I can't help but think that this situation was NOT in fact of my own design or prompted by my own choices in a lot of ways. My team took the opportunity to keep me on Thursday Island to complete the work I had to do (for myself and others), made sure that I was comfortable and even happy and entertained by the circumstances that had me effectively "stranded" on the island, and also arranged for passage home with a beautiful Earth Angel (Thank you Kim from Quantas). These circumstances were completely out of my control once I had forgotten my itinerary, and yet, everything seemed to work out perfectly???

A lot of learning and reinforcement occurred for me personally from this one event. My divine team took the opportunity to tell me they loved me, had work for me to do and would protect me. They took the burden of guilt from my shoulders, allowed me the freedom to choose my response and rewarded me for the trust I placed in them to get me home. What an amazing moment of understanding and verification for me.

With love and light


  1. I am loving ur inspirational blogs!

  2. Sarah that is one of the loveliest compliments I have received in a long time. Thank you xo