Sunday, 18 September 2011

Building Resilience

One of the major areas of personal growth for me has been in building resilience to the harshness that can sometimes present itself when you are dealing with the egos of others as well as your own. Building up the capacity to reflect without harmful emotions and to move forward without excessive guilt or fear.

The process I have used successfully for this is called cord cutting. You see, each time you have an interaction with another person, they tie cords to you, and you to them. Through this cord energy is given or taken dependant on the circumstance or situation. Fear, worry and the ego of others can be transferred to you through these cords and you can begin to feel them as though they are your own.

Each night, before I go to sleep I ask Michael and Raphael to help me cut the cords that I have "gathered" during the day and from the past. I ask, "Michael please cut the cords to me today from situations past, present or future that no longer serve my higher good. Raphael please fill me with your green healing light, seal the wounds left from old hurts and injuries, help me to feel whole and well." I imagine that a great purple light enfolds me, gently slicing through any cords attached to me leaving me free of any ties to others. I then imagine a bright, healing green light filling me up through a space between my eyes until I am overflowing. I imagine the light travelling through every part of my body scouring away anything harmful (either physical or spiritual).

Since I started this process nearly two years ago, I have noticed that I am more and more resilient to the world we currently live in, and am becoming immune to the fear and worry and ego placed on me from others. I am less susceptible to listening to my own ego and more able to take a stance from a position of love and forgiveness. I believe this is an ongoing work, that this process will continue every night, and as each day passes, and I cut the cords tied to me by others and that I have tied to others, that i become more and more resilient, and more my true self.

With love and light

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