Tuesday, 6 September 2011

An opportunity once presented, is never lost

So many times I have seen an opportunity long past the time when I could have easily taken it, and then kicked myself in recrimination for being too blind to see what I had been offered. However, at the time, my understanding of what my team was helping me with and how they were helping me was so totally incomplete.

My understanding has changed now.

As soon as you make your intentions known to the universe, it will start to act according to those intentions and to give you more of what you think about the most...this is fact, we know this already (see previous posts on this topic for more information). What I failed to understand then, and have since come to see more of, is that an opportunity, once it has been presented to us, is NEVER lost, it cannot BE lost.

If you are being urged to follow a certain path, and that path makes your heart and soul sing for joy, you will not miss the opportunity to follow it. What happens is that another opportunity, to the same path and outcome, very soon presents itself. Because you were aware of the first opportunity seemingly "too late" your mind is open for the next one unless you wallow a little in self recrimination (this action shuts out everything else...say, "oops" forgive yourself...MOVE ON).

Always a new option opens. If I am truly meant to tread my path in a certain direction, and I happen to be not listening when I am offered a way, opportunity, conversation etc, then very shortly a new opportunity, leading to the same goal will arrive.

No opportunity is ever lost. If you happen to realise a bit late a circumstance you were being offered to fulfil your goal, be patient and trusting, because very soon, another avenue will approach you. If you are stuck in self recrimination you'll miss the next one and have to wait longer for another one to manifest. Take the quick route and "listen" for your signs, however, missing one just means you look for the next exit *smile* because it will surely appear.

With love and light

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