Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Doubts, fears and the nay-sayers

I think sometimes it is impossible to go through life without having one person in your life that puts doubt and fear into your heart, or decides for you that the direction you have decided to take is the wrong one, and has no compunction in telling you so. Critical people exist, this is true, as do fearful and doubtful people. This does not mean that you have to join them or even let their fear infect you.

I have had quite a few people in my life who have decided that they know what is best for me, for my children and the others in my life. They have also felt it their obligation to tell me I ma making the wrong decision or doing the wrong thing and judge me, cast fear and doubt onto me and in general attempt to dissuade me from a course of action I have decided to take.

My manner of dealing with these people is (where possible) just cut them out of my life. Friends who feel it is their place to judge and criticize me don't actually last very long within my circle of friends. Sometimes this is not possible though, family for instance, is not so easily dismissed in most cases. The hardest thing about family, is that most of the time they say the things they do, and act the way they act, because they genuinely love you and are concerned about you. While their intentions are good, this does not excuse their actions though. I love and cherish my family as I do all other people, however, the same as any other person, they are not allowed to judge and criticize in a negative way. We teach people how to treat us, even if it is by saying nothing or not responding to comments made, we are implying that the other person has permission to continue.

People who try to place their own fears and doubts upon me and my actions are lovingly, yet firmly reminded that the decisions I make are mine, as are the consequences for them. While I understand that they love me and want the best for me, the only person who is qualified to make that determination is me. Usually their fears are based on their own fear, not anything to do with my circumstances at all.

Other than reminding people that it really is not their place to act in this way towards me, I usually cut the cords tying me to them (see an earlier post on finished transactions for more information on this) and then ask my divine team to remove their influence from my thinking. A very dear and special lightworker friend of mine gave me some excellent advice and a strategy to combating this situation as well. When you are unable to avoid speaking to people who are negative, nay-sayers of full of fear, focus on the plant life growing around you. Look at the plants and have their energy envelop you rather than the fear based energy of the negative person. This is a great way to help combat this situation as it arises. There are many, many methods, the best one however, is wherever possible, just choose not to interact with people who do not love you whole heartedly and without condition.

With love and light

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