Tuesday, 20 September 2011

We are the same

As I sat outside having a morning coffee this morning, this just popped into my head and I had to go and get pen and paper (never far away in this house) to write it down. It came with a definitive instruction to share it with you:

Have you listened to a bird and the
story it has to tell?
Can you hear the magic gleaned,
in the tolling of a bell?

Have you watched in awe and wonder
as the plants grow from the Earth
and the heavens rend asunder
displaying majesty and wrath?

Have you wondered at the beauty and
wept in joy, and grace?
Have you sat in silence with yourself,
in this ancient place?

Have you laughed along with angels
and frolicked with faery fair,
and wondered to yourself,
If they're really there?

Have you smelt a floral scent and
eaten fruits straight from the tree?
If you've done all these things and more
you know what it is, to be me.

I am not sure where this little poem came from (although I have a good idea...thank you Jophiel) but I really do know the point that it gets at. I have often wondered (and not in a good way) how anyone can raise a hand to another human being, how anyone can perpetrate cruelty and other atrocities on another be they animal or not. I feel though, that this little poem holds the answer to that question. It may be obvious to you already, but it has taken me nearly 36 years to sort it out.

All of these acts come from not knowing and understanding that we are all the same. That we are all beautiful, loved, blessed and divine beings with an infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. That we share common heritage, love and an ability to empathise and have compassion for the plight of another, and that we all return to the earth when our time here is done. It is through seeing our differences that acts contrary to our divine nature arise. If we each took a moment to see our many similarities and to embrace things that are different rather than being afraid of them, then this would be a totally different reality that we engage in.

I know, it is so simple, how did I not fathom this answer before now? I don't know the answer to that question, but I am going to add a sentence to my nightly affirmations and expressions of things I am grateful for: I am grateful I cannot see our differences, I am happy that my love extends beyond superficial difference, and I affirm this ability in others and send them love so they easily embrace what is the same about us all.

With love and light

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