Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The art of being me...

When the name for this post popped into my head, I got a little indignant! Out loud, to my team, I said, "Why would I want to teach people or talk about being me???? no one else can be me!" Then of course it dawned on me... (duh Roxanne *smile*) ...that's exactly the point, no one can be me because I am a unique, divinely inspired being who is different from anyone else.

So are you!

So this post then is not about being silly of me...but about being you, and a you that practices the art of being you. Am I making any sense yet?

I guess the first step to being the real and authentic you is to really know who that is? No one can tell you this, the only one who knows who you really are is you; and your divine team of course. When I decided to live authentically, and to present the genuine me to the world, I first decided I had to really know who that "me" was. I had spent so much time trying to 'fit in' that sometimes the lines were a little blurred as to where the real me ended and the facade began. I sat down in a quiet spot and wrote out some lists. I wrote a list of the things I really believed in, a list of the things I loved and am good at, I even wrote lists of my favourite things. Then I got to the really important part; my belief statement for who I am and the person I am, alongside the legacy I wish to leave and the influence I wish to have.

The second (and a little scary at first) step was to make the decision that I no longer wanted/needed to participate in what was popular unless it suited me. In other words, I didn't feel the need to "fit in" anymore. Along with that comes the freedom of not caring what other people thought of me, not giving any energy to the opinion of others and not being restricted by what I was "supposed" to be doing. I can tell you now, this terrified me a little. My sneaky ego tried to get me to consider things like, "what if no one really likes the real me?" This was the real trust step; I love who I am, I know I am a good, kind and caring person as well as a little eccentric and unconventional *smile* and I had to trust that others will/would feel this goodness about me. Phew...huge.

The last step was to make a commitment to myself to base all of my decisions on the 'real me' not on what the 'trying to fit in me' wanted and would be proud of. I started with little things like not looking the other way when someone did something I perceived as not in their best interest, and ended up in this place, writing my opinions and guidance based on the real me and the guidance of my divine team.

I really want for you to know and love the real you. Experience the freedom that comes from knowing that all that you are is more than enough; that you are a beautiful, unique and divinely inspired being. Practice "the art of being you" and find that you are loved and appreciated all the more for your genuineness, authenticity and for being the beautiful creature you are.

With love and light

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