Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Delightfully out of control

For the last year or so, I made the decision that I was going to operate solely on instinct, intuition and instructions from my divine team. While the decision was REALLY easy to make and to say, the actuality of the situation has at times been quite confronting to my poor little human me *smile*

As I sit sewing a quilt, illustrating a story, doing whatever it is on the day that nourishes my soul and helps me to focus my intentions, I feel blissfully happy and at peace. No negative thoughts intrude, no worries or fears are allowed to infiltrate into my conscious mind, and I am totally content with the path I am taking.

There are other times though, when I don't have the whole picture in front of me, when I am only being guided one step at a time without the full picture as to where I am going or why (a BIG ask for a bit of a control freak like me) that my thinking is not always on the positive side, when I do worry about things like the household bills, and whether what I am currently doing is the whole purpose and things like that. While these moments are fewer and fewer as I continue to operate through intuition and divine instruction, they still crop up now and again, and in the beginning, I found myself wondering daily whether I was doing the right thing; second guessing and doubting myself the whole time.

One of the conclusions I came to was that with time and some fairly obvious results, I developed more and more trust in my ability to "hear" and "interpret" what I was being told, and act on it instantly rather than giving the "human" side of me too much time to start asking "what if...?" type questions. the more I did this, and had a favourable result (astounding success in a lot of cases), the easier it was to trust that I was on the right path. The first step was the hardest one; taking the leap of faith into being "out of control" of the situation, and knowing that I would be protected and looked after, knowing that sometimes I don't need the whole picture and I just have to take each step as it is presented to me. NEVER has this failed to work to my advantage. I am a successful author/artist and blog writer *cheesy grin* because I took each step as it was presented to me in completely blind faith that I would be taken care of, that I was doing what I needed to do and that there was an entire host of divine beings guiding my steps (even though I couldn't see where I was going sometimes or didn't understand the reason for the instructions). Now I am delightfully "out of control" most of the time, just doing what I know and feel is the right things in the right time.

Let go of your need to know the whole story and be totally in control ALL of the time and of EVERYTHING. Your team will not let you down. Have trust and faith that your steps are guided and that you cannot fail. Release your fear of the unknown and your fear of being out of control. Each time you "listen", each time you let go and follow the steps as your heart tells them to you, the rewards increase exponentially and the fear recedes.

With love and light

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