Monday, 24 October 2011


One of the things that frustrates me a little bit and sets my teeth on edge is this idea that joy and happiness have to be earned or that in some way might be denied to you because you "did something in a past life" etc. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

OK, tantrum over, it really does frustrate me though. *rueful grin*

Please believe me when I say that happiness and joy are our birth right; a gift from the divine to us and we are ALL deserving of a life filled with both. Divine beings do NOT punish us for our choices by making us miserable, taking things away from us, turning their backs on us or anything else that smacks of punitive action. Divine beings just don't do that. The situation is such, that we do these things to ourselves and each other and then seek someone or something to blame. This hurts my heart and makes me really sad.

If you cannot bring yourself to believe anything else I have written about, (although I do hope this is not the case *smile*) take this message to heart: Our divine team walks beside us in order to help us! They do not punish; they DO love us unconditionally!

If you find there are things occurring in your life that make you feel unhappy, rather than blaming the fates and excusing the situation by making karma your scape goat, why not stop for a bit and take a life review? Sit down with yourself and your team, ask the angels to be around you; reflect on the life you are currently leading, assess the things that make you happy and those that make you feel a bit put upon or unlucky, and see if there are not choices you can make to change your current circumstance.

There are times when things happen that are out of your control, for example a sick family member, a  relationship break up, a natural disaster. These things seem like they are designed to make us unhappy, however, you still have a choice in how you respond to the situation. You can choose to make the best of a situation, you can choose to have trust and faith in the protectiveness of your divine team and lean on them to "weather the storm", you can choose to offer up a prayer rather than worry, you can choose to live in gratitude for the things that are wonderful, you can choose to forgive!

With love and light

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