Sunday, 23 October 2011


A very sad moment for me through childhood was when the adults around me, the people I trusted the most in the world, decided I was "too old" to "humour" anymore when it came to playing faeries, talking to imaginary friends and, in short, ceasing to believe in the magic that is around us. Of course, although they told me repeatedly that there was no such thing, and made statements to other adults like, "don't worry about her, she just has an overactive imagination," and things like that, I clung to my belief in miracles, magical creatures, princesses, dragons, angels and faeries!!! I'm lucky that way I guess, I refused to accept their version of reality and now, I write and illustrate children's stories about just those very things they told me weren't real and that I would have to grow out of. *big cheesy smile*

I don't know the moment for you, or the people in your lives who thought this was best for you, I do know, and have witnessed recently this moment of "squashing" for others. I also know, at some point in everyones lives, there is someone who (for their own good) attempts to inform us that what we believe and hold dear to our hearts is nothing but a product of an overactive imagination *sad face*

I say to those people, with love, compassion and forgiveness, please don't take this away from our children, let them believe, let them hope that at some point a faery has visited them in the night and sprinkled magic dust around their heads. Let our children know they are loved and protected by benevolent divine beings who walk by their side...angels ARE real!

For those of you reading this who have been inadvertently "squashed" by moments like the one I described above; I say, get a bit rebellious about it and take the magic back!!!! I love this quote from Jamie the Myth Buster, "I reject your reality and I substitute my own." Got to love his work *smile*

Angels ARE real, they love us, support us, guide us and when necessary, carry us. I believe in magic!

With love and light

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