Saturday, 22 October 2011


I just had a very interesting conversation with my three year old light worker which reminded me of a really important concept. The conversation was just one of those lazy "say whatever comes into your mind" type conversations where nothing is taboo (other than being mean and insulting) and a lot of interesting things surface. he was talking about what he was going to have to eat the next time he was hungry. At first I wasn't really following him, I just went "Uh huh" in all the right places etc. Gradually though, the message he was relaying sunk in. He told me he loved the fresh air and told me to "smell the air" and take really deep breaths, which I complied with. he then told me he could eat the wind, have clouds on his toast and feast on nature! Not bad for a three year old.

The message I received and thought it was important enough to pass on was in regards to nourishment. There are two areas we nourish ourselves. Everyone is concerned and familiar with physical nourishment, you know fresh and wholesome type food for the physical self. However, while we may be aware of it, most people forget or are less concerned with nourishment for the soul.

So today, after receiving this message loud and clear, I started to think about the things I do to "nourish my soul" the things that uplift me, make me feel strong, encouraged, enlivened and ready for anything. I guess the number one thing I do often is to maintain my connection with the divine. I talk often with my team and find solace, comfort and instruction from them which always makes me feel loved and supported.

Other than this, there are a whole range of things I personally do and do with my family that add nourishment to my spiritual self. Things like reading uplifting books and blog posts, creating (whether it is books, drawings, quilting, painting, cooking, etc), cleaning and purging my physical space, spending time looking at the wonder and beauty of many actions, too many by far to list.

It is SO important to do things that nourish your soul, inspire you, and over all make your divine connection more solid, real, and easy to access. We do this by taking action to ensure that our spiritual self has adequate nourishment through whatever means benefits YOU the most. This is different for all of us.

With love and light

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