Friday, 21 October 2011

The Gifts we're given (Part 5)

Though there are MANY gifts we are given as our birthright, this one is the one I think that really has the power to transcend all things, to help us in any part of our journey and to heal us of all hurts. I am speaking of course, about the gift of love and friendship.

This is such a powerful gift, and one we all at times have taken for granted. We are given the gift of a family as the first thing we are given. Whilst some of us stay with those families, and others do not we still have this gift. When I speak of family from this point forward, I don't want you to think (well no solely) of the genetic family. Sadly, not all of us have a close connection, or any connection at all, with blood relatives, but I hasten to point out that blood and genetic ties does not a family make. I want you to consider the attributes and characteristics that make up a family connection, both the good and the bad ones. Think on this and see what you can come up with.

For me, family are a group of people that love you unconditionally, that support you even when they think you might be headed for a fall and help you to pick up the pieces afterwards. While they love you they may also offer judgement and try to dissuade you from decisions you choose to make, yet it is the strength of their love that leads them to saying these things. Family are people you can share yourself with unashamedly and in your pure form (you don't have to hide the real you from pretending necessary). Family make you laugh when you are sad or sit down and have a good cry right alongside you sometimes too. There are too many things that spring to mind when I think of family.

You know though, that not all of my blood relatives fit into my description (a lot do, but not all) and my family doesn't live close to me, and it's difficult to recieve a hug through email *smile* I have another family though, the one I chose to walk beside me through life. Some amazing people have come and go in my life journey, some of them have stayed for a while... these are my family too.

The ability to reach out to fellow human beings and embrace them as they choose to be (without judgement and without trying to change them) is the most amazing gift! You'll notice babies aren't all that discerning about who changes their nappies or hugs them most of the time, they just love being loved! This is us all in our pure divine self before we have learnt to distrust, be sceptical of, and blindly hate others. It is also before we have experienced the kind of hurt that can only be delivered by ones we love. It is not impossible to love after being hurt though, and being hurt is a poor excuse from keeping your love shining on others.

I have often remarked about the healing properties of love energy and of forgiveness (which go hand in hand). You don't have to take my word for it though *smile* just look up the research on "failure to thrive" syndrome which occurs in infants that are fed and clothed, but not picked up and huged and talked to. They simply stop growing because a key ingredient is missing....LOVE!

Todays homework then (thought you had escaped right???) is to create a photomontage, a collection of photos and images that represent your family; the ones who are blood related and the ones who aren't. If you don't have pictures of your loved ones, get creative and cut out or print out pictures of things that represent them (a big pile of strawberries would do nicely for my youngest son since he is crazy for strawberries and gets an amazing and delightful expression on his face when I mention them). Around the edges of your collage/montage, write down all the things you love about your family. Everytime you look at this picture you will feel their love pouring out to you and yours in return. This is an amazingly healing experience. Pour all your love for them into this image!

With love and light

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