Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Gifts we're given (Part 4)

The fourth in the list of gifts we are given as our divine birth right is the gift of creativity and inspiration. A lot of people ascribe some sort of rules and precepts around creativity. Art is sometimes viewed as an exclusive club which you are either talented enough to belong to or you aren't; and all of these rules confuse the issue I think. We are all creative and inspired beings...why can't we just leave it at that?

We are all born with creative flair which shows itself in different ways and forms. I have never witnessed a child, once given paper and crayons or paint, refuse to draw based on the grounds they are not good enough or their work lacks sophistication or whatever other excuses people give for admittance to "the club". This is our natural state, we can all be creative, we can all produce great art work in many and varied forms. It is only as we grow older and are conditioned by society to place "rules" on everything that we begin to doubt our ability to create!

My mother is a chef, and I would most definitely call some of the things she does with food creative; whether it is stretching a meal intended for 100 to feed 150 and no one being hungry, or the design and presentation of that food...this is definitely inspired and creative. My partner is a "chippie" (carpenter) and the projects he undertakes with wood are most definitely creative, from building a house frame to wood carvings and wood turning...inspired! Some of the things I have seen students in my math classes do with numbers is ABSOLUTELY creative *smile*

It is easy enough to tap into your creative self. ( comes your homework *smile*) Start with a list of the things you do, then think about how those things would be done by someone else, contemplate whether this is the same or not, why? what made you choose to do things a certain way? Cut, paste and colour a page of the things in your life that you desire, make a mud map on how to get there...start manifesting this reality by first creating the picture and therefore the intention! Alternatively, go and buy some paint and paper and finger paint for the afternoon!!!! So MUCH fun, no skill required, then put your painting on the fridge for all to see...I guarantee it will be beautiful and divinely inspired.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of ways we are inspired and creative thinkers! What a gift!!! The ultimate use of this gift is when we create the life we wish to lead and through our inspiration and intuition manifest the things we desire and banish those we no longer need.

With love and light

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