Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Gifts we're given (part 3)

The third gift that we are given at birth, is the gift of giving and recieving. These two are synonomys and one cannot exist without the other. It is a common mistake (one I made myself for quite a long period of time) to think that giving is the gift; however, they both HAVE to coexist.

There is something magical and special about giving to someone else (or something else) that stirs the heart and makes the eyes well up with excitement. In fact, when I give to someone else, my reaction is the same as though I had been given one myself *big smile*.

Gift giving does not have to cost money, nor be a tangible thing. It could be donnating time, giving away things you don't need, drawing a picture, s mile when you don't feel like smiling, a hug, cooking a meal, all sorts of things we can give as gifts. My favourite gift is the gift of laughter. I consider it a VERY successful day when I am able to laugh and to make someone else laugh. A truly magical and healing gift.

Alongside giving is the gift of receiving. Imagine in your mind the most amazing, stupendous, fabulous gift you have ever been given. Picture in your mind your reaction, your feeling and the heart swell that occured. Think of how you treasured that gift and the memory it gave ask yourself why you would EVER deprive someone of the chance to create that response for you! Not allowing people to give to you deprives them of the very joy that YOU feel when you give to someone. So ask why you would ever think to take that joy from them?

The truth of the matter is that all things have a balance. It is not good for you to EITHER be constantly giving without receiving; nor constantly receiving without giving. Remember the law of the universe that states that the energy you put into the world is the energy you will receive back three fold.

With love and light

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