Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Gifts we're given (part 2)

 The second gift we are all given at birth is the gift of learning.
We all have the innate ability to learn and therefore to grow. Each of us has this gift and even though some people seem to think that this gift has something to do with academic ability it simply isn't true. The ability to do well in an academic situation is a talent, and has absolutely nothing to do with our ability to learn or our intelligence.

Having been a teacher of high school students for many years, I can personally attest to the fact that some of my most gifted learners didn't do very well on their report cards. There results weren't indicative to their gift for learning. What happened was/is that the system of learning enforced through education facilities did not suit their method for learning or the things they are passionate about; therefore they did not achieve fantastic academic results. So when I talk about our gift for learning, I want you to banish from your mind any association to schooling and higher education!

From the moment we breathe our first breath of oxygen we are capable of learning; babies manipulate their mothers with their cry in order to get attention, food, a nappy change etc. They learn certain behaviours get them attention and others don't and they use this new found knowledge to achieve their own ends and fulfill their survival needs. As adults we buy into the concept that our academic results are the sign of our intelligence, however, I have met plenty of adults who thrive and are successful having not even finished high school.

Our ability to learn, understand and interpret the world around us is one of our most precious gifts (imagine spending your life time stuck in the learning phase of a teenager????....My mind shudders away from this) and it is also the gift we take the most for granted or remains the most misinterpreted.

Homework for today? Well...write down the 3 most valuable things you have learned in your life so far. I can anticipate that none of those things were necessarily learned in a classroom!

The three most valuable things I have learned so far:

1. That the key to happiness and love is an unconditional love of self.
2. That we are connected to each other, our environment and the world through our divine connections
3. That the most powerful tool we have at our disposal is the act of forgiveness.

With love and light

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