Monday, 17 October 2011

The Gifts we're given (part 1)

There are several gifts we are given absolutely free, no strings attached and for our own use by the universe. These gifts are bestowed upon all of us in different ways and in different measures. They are precious, irreplaceable and are our divine right.

Sadly, some of us seem to think we didn't receive any gifts and that we have nothing in our lives that we haven't had to fight for (so to speak). I cannot wholly exonerate myself from this particular train of thought at times.

I have decided (or been told) that I can write a series of posts that describe each of these gifts over the course of a few days. As you read each post, try to apply each gift as it was given to you and remember how you received it.

The first gift is one of the most important gifts...

The gift of gratitude. Each of us has so many things to be grateful for. We have health, friends, family, the beauty of the world around us, the ability to see the good in things, fresh water, and food, so many things. Too many to list. And while you may not have some of the things I have mentioned, you DO have many things that I have not.

Today's challenge (oh did I forget to mention these are interactive posts?), your homework, as it were, is to write your self a list of the things you are grateful for. Start with ten things on your list (you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get to ten) and each morning, say a small thank you to the divine for these things.

My list:

1. My beautiful partner and children.
2. My amazing friends and light worker colleagues.
3. The beautiful people reading this post.
4. My Derwent pencils (and my ability to use them).
5. That I live in one of the most beautiful places on our planet (Queensland, Australia)
6. Fresh grown veggies.
7. Sunshine
8. Unexpected smiles from strangers.
9. Always being able to see the funny side of things.
10. Cats

Without even stopping to think about it, I have ten (and SO MANY more actually). As you begin a ritual of saying thank you and listing the things you are grateful for, you can't help feeling the blessings of abundance you already have and gaining an instant uplift!

With love and light

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  1. I love this . Thank you. You're right too often we forget the simile things! Writing my list !