Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's the little things

Today, while I was at the markets spreading faery dust and laughter, I participated in a conversation with my neighbour stall holder which reminded me of a really important concept. The products this lady had for sale were "free trade" products. They were arts and craft items made by artisans in third world countries who's labour, working conditions and pay rate were monitored by organisations like Oxfam who ensure that appropriate recompense is made and that children aren't forced into labour etc. Our conversation revolved around her passion for this particular cause and how she felt that she sold a concept and the beauty of the products sold itself. Being her neighbour, I could hear the work she was doing as people stopped by to look at her products. She told each person abut the cause she was supporting, she had information about the individual artisans she sponsored and made sure that every person who entered her stall knew about "free trade products" and the responsibility of all consumers to know where their products came from and who made them.  She was on a crusade *smile* Having said this, she was nonconfrontational about her opinion, she just told people and her passion communicated itself.

Each of us has the power to do something, whether it is just choosing with care the products we buy, smiling and treating with kindness everyone we meet, believing that our angels walk by our side, picking up a piece of rubbish on the ground rather than walking past it, anything! We can all do something in our daily lives to promote love, caring and kindness.

It is the momentum that is building through these actions that has me feeling energised and hopeful. As each person on the planet continues to do just the little they can do, and that in turn prompts others to do the little they can do and so on, then this is how the world changes, this is how a "societal norm" is held up, scrutinised and found wanting (such as it being acceptable to degrade another human being...this used to be OK?????????), this is the amazing power we each have in our hands.

When each of us does our little bit to promote living in love and caring for our fellow humans, our collective power magnifies! We have the power to change the world. So whatever it is you can and do do, it is enough, feel satisfied that you are adding to the collective healing energy of those who choose to love, and know you are not alone. There are so many of us each doing our little bit.

With love and light

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