Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This morning I felt guided to write about the concept of darkness. This confused me just a little, this is not something I feel the need to even think about and more often than not, don't even consider. The reason I don't think about darkness is because it doesn't really exist. Darkness is only an illusion, if it is there at all, it is only an absence of light; a forgetting, if you will, that the light of love energy resides within each of us.

I don't really know how to talk about this topic in any real way, since it is something I instinctively feel (although this was not always so if I am totally honest with myself) however, after turning the phrase, "There is no darkness, only an absence of the light," over and over in my mind this morning, this is what came out of my heart. Hopefully, this poem speaks eloquently of the feeling??

There is a light I have inside that
shines like the rising sun.
It's growing exponentially as
I share it with everyone

It pushes back the darkness
so light's all I can see
and love is all I care about;
this comforts instantly

The light is in each one of us
and grows when it is shared
It blooms and brightens instantly
each time your
heart is bared

Look inside yourself and see
that what I say is true
We are all protected and guided;
angels loving me and you.

This seems so simple and child like to me (the poem that is) and completely lacking in sophistication. But when I think of this concept, I remember being a child and not knowing or having been taught about darkness and evil. As a young child, no one sat me down and explained there was evil or darkness, no one frightened me with stories of horror. It wasn't until later, when I "learnt" these things through experience that I formed the understanding of darkness. Now, with divine help, i have unlearned it again, and I am grateful. It comes as no surprise to me then that a poem about love and light comes in a child like prose. If you want to learn the true meaning of unconditional love, purity and the knowledge of being a pure conduit, think on the innocence and beauty of childhood.

With love and light (and a fervent hope that I have been able to speak this truth clearly)

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