Monday, 10 October 2011

Watched the grass grow lately??

I cannot expound enough on the healing properties of growing things. Even before I became fully conscious of the efforts of my divine team to guide me through the rough spots, I was instinctively drawn to nature when life looked a bit tough.

Just sitting in a cool, shaded spot under a tree has always been enough to revive my spirits; sitting on the beach during a thunder storm (or just before one) has always energised me immensely. Nature offers her healing bounty to any and all who take a moment to love her (and even if you don't actually).

One of the most healing activities for me, especially when my soul is feeling a little battered and bruised, is to grow things! My Grandmother was the BEST at growing things, and while she and I often didn't see eye to eye and fought often, the one thing we could agree on and the one activity that bought us together was gardening. When I was little, I grew flowers and pretty things just for the sheer pleasure of nurturing them and watching them grow into magnificent and beautiful plants with amazing colour and love energy. Now, while I still love to plant and grow anything, I grow food for my family which is richly rewarding and therapeutic; not to mention good for their tummies *smile*

It takes VERY little space and even less time to grow things. I have lived in some REALLY small accommodations at times (even a single room in someone else's house for my son and I both) and always, I have made the effort to find a way to have growing things with me. An entire herb garden can be grown in pots on the kitchen bench! It's true, I've done it when no other space was available. The fourth floor balcony on my little apartment whilst at University was a veritable jungle and I was always happy to sit there and just soak up the lovely energy from my plants. Currently, a couple of small plots of dirt feed 3 families with fresh vegetables and preserves!!! It can be done.

OK, so there is a bit of know how involved for a lot of plants, however, don't use this as an excuse not to plant growing things *smile* because there are also a lot of plants that will hang on tenaciously even when you neglect them shamefully.

There is an immense pleasure in watching things grow and the spontaneous healing of emotional hurts that occurs when we sit at peace, in a garden we have helped to create cannot be compared to any other meditative experience.

Spend some time with nature whether assisting her in her work, or just accepting with love the healing and beauty she offers us all for free.

With love and light

Good morning strawberries!

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