Sunday, 9 October 2011

The waiting game...sigh

Sometimes, when everything is in play, you have listened to and followed your impulses, you are affirming everyday the place you desire to be and taking actions to make it so, you're building your tool kit and all of the things you feel are necessary for moving forwards fearlessly on your life path and yet...nothing seems to be happening?

How frustrating!!!!!!!

The fact that nothing appears to actually be changing, or you don't feel any different does NOT mean that the changes you desire have not been put into play. It does not mean that you are asking for the wrong thing, or doing things in the wrong way etc etc. After all, when we work with our divine team, we can't really make mistakes.

"So what's happening?" (I can almost hear you shouting this at me *smile*) the answer to this question is both simple and complex at the same time. The short answer is, "A whole lot is going on." The longer answer? Well, first off, let me remind you about the concept of divine timing, then secondly, the concept of  transactions that have to  happen.

There is your plan, and then there is the divine plan. While the two might be in sync and everyone is on the same page, this doesn't mean your timing and divine timing are the same thing. So take the time to take a step backwards, and take the time to just be you. Leave the timing up to the divine (try not to get too impatient with your team...they love you and they know what they're doing. They are also forgiving if you understandably loose the plot every now and again *smile*).

Then there is the concept of transactions that have to happen. The thing about being mortal is that we don't have the whole story! We cannot possibly know the infinite details of all the stories, all the paths and all the plans going on around us. Sometimes, certain things need to be tweaked, shifted, put into place, removed, juggled or rearranged to suit the satisfaction of our divine team. Best to let them do this, they HAVE got all the information and know exactly what to do and when. After all, their only desire is to help us along on our path and to love and protect us without condition.

So if you've done everything you feel you need/want to do, you've dotted your "I"'s, crossed your "t"'s and continue to love and grow then I make you this guarantee; something IS happening, it's just a bit of a waiting game at times for all aspects to be in alignment and the right timing to be there. Persist in growing, loving and building your tool kit in the knowledge, and complete with the trust and faith in your team to know what they're doing and when your time is to act!

With love and light

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