Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tigs the cat

I love cats, they are one of my favourite creatures. At the moment, due to our living arrangements, we don't currently have a furry friend living with us which I count as a shame. However, our next door neighbours have a lovely 15 year old cat called Tigs.
Tigs is quite sensibly wary of our three year old, and while she may pop over for a visit occasionally (when it suits her as is the wont of all cats) during the day while my little one is at day care, she will rarely visit when he is home. Lately, since her people went away on a holiday and we have been feeding her, Tigs has become a regular visitor to our house, even when the three year old is home. They have bonded, gained a wary respect for and played with each other; even to the extent of dancing together in the back yard!

One of the things I have noticed over the last couple of weeks is that quite often, Tigs' visits have a pattern (and no, nothing to do with food and water). You see, Tigs comes over to visit most often when there is any conflict in the house. Living with a VERY determined and stubborn three year old with just as determined (and oh alright, stubborn) Mum, there is often a clash of will. One would be right in assuming that occasionally it resembles a clash of the titans in this house. Then, along comes Tigs. She walks through the house with the regal air that only a cat can manage without looking silly; sniffs around the legs and feet of the parties involved, meows at everyone and then sits down in the middle of the fracas. Usually, within a few minutes of her arrival, the tension in the space has subsided greatly (if not completely disappeared) and the whole situation calms down and sorts itself out.

Animals are an incredibly healing influence. It would be easy to dismiss their healing powers as coincidence, especially if it happens only once or twice, however, Tigs arrives EVERY time that there is conflict although we may only see her at meals on other days. The situation is ALWAYS calmed down when she arrives. So how else can it be explained?

If you want unconditional love and healing, hug a pet, they are naturally attuned to us, they love us with their whole heart, they exude healing energy and they just make you feel so much better.

With love and light
Who could resist feeling better looking at this face??? Thank you Mistress Tigs!

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