Friday, 7 October 2011


One of the things I believe we allow into our lives, and which causes us the most anxiety and difficulty where really there ought to be none is worry. We all do it, we wouldn't be human otherwise; however, I really do think there are far better alternatives *smile* easier said than done right?

Think about worry for a minute; think of the physical response you have when you worry about things, about the emotional impact. Heart rate elevates, blood pressure rises, you may sweat excessively, feel agitated for no reason, restless, unable to sleep properly, small things seems like large things, and the list goes on. Do these symptoms seem like the symptoms of another emotion to you? They appear very much the same as our response to fear. This seems like a natural progression to me since the things we fear, we worry about as well.

The thing about worry and fear is that they are completely unnecessary. Worry in particular serves no purpose. Worry cannot resolve a situation, it cannot help you to view a situation with detachment so that you can clearly see what's actually going on, it definitely doesn't do anything good for you physically or emotionally. Really, worry is a hindrance, not a help.

The solution? Offer up a prayer to your divine team! It really is that simple, however, it does take some practice to be able to banish fear and worry instantly. You also have to WANT to give them up (your worries that is). Some people, unfortunately for them, thrive on worry for some reason (I think perhaps it's a habit...and one worth the effort of breaking I believe), so it is essential that you want to stop the worry and have it replaced by calm, detachment and clear thinking.

Close your eyes and imagine a world where instead of worrying and responding to and with fear, that people sent a prayer to the divine!!! Can you see it? Wonderful isn't it?

With love and light

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