Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's not my place to judge

I was confronted this morning with an incredibly judgemental person who took absolutely no pains to hide the fact that she didn't think very much of me. She made several snide remarks, looked me up and down as though I might be a piece of furniture in a store that she was perusing, and sneered the whole time. To begin with, I opened my heart and poured love energy in her direction; I instantly forgave her the judgements she was making about me and found that I was actually OK with the whole situation (albeit, a little uncomfortable). As the moments ticked by and I was forced to endure (and it really was enduring) more of her company, snide remarks and dismissive looks, I began to get angry.

Me angry is really not a pretty sight, I prefer not to use my energy this way because aside from the fact that this is waste of time in most instances, I have a particularly vicious tongue at times and very little control over it once I have lost my temper. So I CHOOSE most often, to NOT lose my temper and walk away from a situation.

So where were we? Oh yes, confronted with the harsh, severe and incredibly negative judgement of this person this morning. I reached out to my team for some assistance in controlling my temper and asked fervently that I hold my tongue, forgive easily and offer this person only love (and not judgement in return). Do you know what they whispered in my ear? It's so simple. They said, "Why are you so affronted? What does the judgement of this person mean to you? We love you." It was that simple. They said this over and over again and after about 3 minutes, I no longer bristled at the veiled insults or even paid any attention to the dismissive and condescending looks she was giving me.

When it comes right down to it, I answer to a higher authority than this woman! The only part that has permission to judge me are my divine team; and they don't because they love me unconditionally. I nearly fell into the trap of giving this woman attention and credit for her judgement about me and worse yet, offering my own harsh judgement of her in return. Phew...close call, thanks team!!!!

No one has the right to judge you, to make snide remarks or give you dismissive looks unless you give them permission to do so. If you find yourself in a position where a negative, judgemental person is attempting to make you feel less than you are, call on your team for assistance, offer them love and forgiveness for their lack of understanding and remember you answer to a far higher authority than them. If your divine team has not offered judgement, then no one else's opinion matters really.

With love and light

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