Wednesday, 12 October 2011

When was the last time you....?

When was the last time you completed a colouring in picture, made a chocolate cake, danced under a sprinkler, ran head long down a grassy hill, or better yet, rolled down it? When was the last time you climbed in a tree, made a headress of flowers, sang a song into a hair brush, tapped your feet, yelled really loud, jumped on a trampoline, played hop scotch, made mud pies?

When was the last time you abandoned so called dignity and threw yourself head long into play?

Why is this important? Why would I bother asking you when the last time you played as though still a child? Well...because it's fun!

Laughter is an increadibly healing and refreshing tool. You don't have to take my word for it either, I am sure there are plenty of research papers on the topic and scientific based experiments proving that laughter aids the healing process.

There is something incredibly liberating about abandoning "adulthood" to laugh, sing and play with child like innocence and abandon. It is a healing and mind openeing experience. I love running through a playground and swinging on the swings (although I have on occassion become stuck in the tunnels whilst climbing through...apparently they're not made for 35 year old bodies more's the pity).

Think back to your favourite child hood pass times, the moment when you were the most blissfully happy and ignorant of the "adult" world around you. This is the moment when you were closest to your divine self and it is NEVER too late to reclaim it!!! Remember you most favourite activity from childhood and find a way to emulate it now...go on, I dare you *smile* (In fact I DOUBLE dare you)

With love and light

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