Thursday, 13 October 2011

Letter to the wayward souls who would try to steal my dreams

Dear, beloved, misguided, but with loving intent soul,

It is with my heartfelt forgiveness and gratitude for you entering my life, that I write this letter to you in order to set a clean slate and clear intentions.

I am humbled and grateful that you love me enough to express to me your concerns regarding my chosen life path, the decisions I have made and continue to make, and your desire to "do what's best for me." I am grateful for your love and friendship and with my whole heart thank you for your intentions.

However, your attempts at "telling me the truth for my own good" have really left me feeling a little saddened that you have chosen this method of showing me you love me. In actual fact, the words you have delivered me today, in order to "help" me have been an overt attempt to take away from me the things that make me happy. Your criticism of my choice in life path and actions are misguided since I am the only one who can tell me what the best path is. I have an entire team of divine beings who guide my footsteps and catch me if I falter, and while I appreciate your gesture towards me and see it for the loving act you intended it to be; you are NOT the one who can decide. You do not have permission to take anything from me, nor will I give you permission to offer me your "advice" on this in the future.

Your plan for me is largely irrelevant, and your picture of who I am, how I should behave and the actions I should take are exactly that...yours. This is to say that your plan, is not my plan nor the plan of my divine team.

Once again, with genuine humility, I thank you for your act of love, however, I now withdraw my permission from you to in any way, shape or form decide what is best for me, what is good for me, and to inform me of that opinion.

I am completely safe, loved and genuinely comfortable listening to the guidance of the divine.

With love and light

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