Friday, 14 October 2011

What happens when your skill level doesn't match your dream?

Interesting question huh? I have a perfect analogy for this one (well, I think it's perfect anyway *smile*) Recently I have decided to give quilting a try. This is a specialised skill that takes a lot of time and patience to learn. Unfortunately (or not) I have neither time, nor a lot of patience, nor do I have available to me a suitable teacher. This hasn't stopped me though. In my imagination I create the most exquisite designs and beautiful patterns. I even sometimes take the time to draw these patterns out first and complete a design sketch. Then I go ahead and order the fabric (no measuring done at this point) and hope for the best. Then, I get out the sewing machine and start! You know of course what happens right?

As I progress, I usually find that my skill level seems insufficient to do the job that I have undertaken. I grow impatient with my own lack of ability, there may possibly be artist tantrums (although I am not admitting to this mind you) and a whole heap of frustration. The picture of what I want to create is SO clear. I have the picture firmly in front of me at all times, my intentions are focused and skill level seems to let me down; or does it?

What normally occurs is that I get to a certain point and am unable to move forward because my skill level is not sufficient for the task. After taking a moment or two to be human (a.k.a. have a hissy fit) I then look at the situation and start trying "stuff". My basic method of problem solving is trial and error. I stop, listen to my gut instinct which provides me with an idea, then, I act on the impulse. This does not mean I am always successful first go around; but one thing that does happen is that from the attempts I learn a little bit more each time. I make a mistake, stop again, listen again, and move again.

This is what successful people do in all aspects of their lives! We are born with all we need to be successful and that is the imagination, intuition and ability to problem solve. We LEARN or are taught to give up when it gets tough, to use a lack of skill, experience or confidence as an excuse not to try something and to put things that challenges us greatly into the "too hard" basket. My secret is that I don't ask anyone if something can be done, I just go ahead and do it! I may make mistakes, I may take a while to get where I'm going, I may divert myself along the way...but I never get told something is impossible, and I never stop when my skill level doesn't match the picture in my head (nor do I change the picture to match the skills I have) I stop, listen, learn, move forward!

With love and light

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