Friday, 28 October 2011

The other things standing in your way

I intended to talk again today of the things that may be standing in your way in terms of you achieving all you desire and living the life you wish to live, and in fact deserve to live. yesterday, I had so much information downloaded to me, today though, I keep coming back to the fear concept.

I really do think it is important to remember that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real, and that putting aside fear, recognising it and transforming it into far more useful energy is one of the main keys to being the real and authentic you. It is through fear that we tend to "act out of character" so to speak.

There are however, other factors that may be standing in your way. I do want to point out though, that these things are a perception; it is only the way you see things that make them either a hindrance or a help.

There have been times when I felt a little trapped by circumstances like having to stay in a job I didn't like because I was the only money earner in the house, having colleagues who I disliked working with and a boss who bullied me and other people, not being able to go anywhere or do anything (in my perception) because of responsibilities and obligations and other things like this.

What i have come to realise about all of these things, and it wasn't an easy journey for me I can tell you, was that those situations developed in order that I be placed in a particular circumstance at a particular time in order to be the me I am right now. That's a bit mystical isn't it? *smile* Let me see if I can ground that concept a bit.

Raphael, keep me from harm and help me heal
As i reflect on my life and experiences, some of which were VERY difficult and heartrending at the time, I look also about where I was led through these experiences. While I will NEVER believe that our life here must be difficult and a struggle in order that we achieve our goals, at times, there is learning that can be gained from those less than pleasant parts of our lives. I chose this path even before I remember choosing, and I know myself really well; obviously then, I chose events that would gain me the most learning in the most appropriate way.

Let me give you some "for instances" *smile*

For instance, I would not have learned to hear my divine team and listen to their guidance if circumstances had not led me to be feeling suicidal. I fled one day to the beach side to sit and think. I was a single parent, I was feeling battered, bruised and just plain worn out, I felt the best thing I could do for my 8 year old son was to just not be here and to hand his care over to my parents. These were my thoughts as I sat alone on the beach side listening to the relentless pounding of the waves. A pretty desperate place you would have to agree. For no reason that i can recall, I took the pen and paper I had bought with me to write my good-byes and I began an automatic writing (writing the words without thinking) and I was given, in that desperate moment, words from my team that I still have tucked away in a pocket of my handbag. That was the beginning of my real journey.

For instance, if my boss had not been so vicious towards me and relentless in her bullying, if the people around me weren't feeling so dis empowered that they looked on and felt they could do nothing to help or support me, then I may not have made the decision to "cut and run" so to speak. I may not have made those calls to Human Resources and had myself transferred out of there to the place I am now. I may not have written letters to my best friend's children which have become the stories I have published now.

While knowing these things and making the connections to them was a process that occurred after these events and therefore was not able to help me at the time, experiencing these moments now gives me a calm I didn't have before. None of these events (the occurrences that led to me feeling suicidal nor the bullying boss) were in my control. They were all the more terrible to me at the time because I felt helpless, and yet, I see I had choices, and I had the ability to do something to move away from, or towards other circumstances. It is difficult sometimes to see this as it happens.

Uriel guide me
So where's the learning? Well, from these reflections I have learned to be calm in the face of events like these; events in which I have little or no control. I have learned that while we may choose a life that seems charmed and without worry, sometimes we choose some hard stuff too. The only way to deal with these situations (from my perspective) is to change the way I am thinking about them. As I now perceive these moments in time as the really clear indicator that it was time for me to move on, and move forward, that my team had other plans for me in order to help me move forward on my journey, that I did choose to heal, forgive and protect myself and my loved ones...well, I wasn't really powerless after all. Now that I can see and perceive these moments in this way, it renews my strength, belief and understanding when these moments occasionally arrive now. I face with calm and trust what comes into and out of my life...and that choice is mine, one that no one or no other circumstance can take away or change; that makes such a HUGE difference.

With love and light

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  1. You have nailed this point perfectly. Thanks for your candidness and for outlining every so clearly How to move away from the fear zone and into the stream and flow of your very own unique journey.