Monday, 31 October 2011

When you can't avoid a negative situation

This morning I was faced with a meeting that I KNEW was going to be uncomfortable at the best, and really negative at the worst. I found myself building up anxiety, my heart rate increased, I felt a bit jittery and nervous and my brain went a little into flight mode thinking of all the ways I could avoid being at this meeting. (I have a creative brain...some of the scenarios it came up with were very interesting *smile*). None the less, I knew I had to be at this meeting.

It was in this precise moment I felt a tap on my shoulder *grin* it was my three year old, and he asked me what I was so strange for. I laughed, a very intuitive little fellow. With the laughter, that fear paralysis unlocked and I was actually able to think again. "That's better" he told me. So, thank you little one.

Once my brain had been fairly shoved out of its flight mode defenses, I took some really deep cleansing breaths and closed my eyes for a moment. How silly am I? I have an entire angelic host at my shoulder, my life's work is in helping and supporting others to get in touch with their divine team, and when a moment of perceived crisis came, I ignored my own team. Thankfully they sent me a reminder in the guise of my very small light worker child.

Naturally then, I asked all the relevant folk (Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle - when you have to speak, don't go without Gabrielle- and everyone else) surrounded myself with their loving energy as though it was a shield, and walked towards the meeting with my head held high, and my confidence fully restored.

There are other strategies I have used in the past (I just forgot them all this morning *blush*) that have helped with this too. Instinctively I choose a crystal from my collection and place it in my pocket. I have dressed in green or purple (Michael and Raphael) so I can imagine their light wrapping me closely as my clothes do, I immediately cut the ties to the people, place and situation as I leave. All of these things will help in completing these tasks.

At times, there are things we are all asked to do which are unpleasant or distasteful to us, yet may be just a part of what we have to do in that moment. We can choose to go in alone, so to speak, or we can take the team with us. Pick a strategy that reminds you of your divine team's presence and carry it with you; a picture, a crystal, a certain colour, whatever it is that reminds you that at no stage do we walk alone.

With love and light

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